Fees & Commissions by Just2Trade Online

Brokerage fee is an integral part of asset trading on any exchange. There are at least two reasons to introduce it.

First, a brokerage company acts as an intermediary between individuals who do not have access for trading in securities and other exchange assets, and directly the exchange. So, a broker executes all the basic procedures associated with the purchase and sale and performs them on behalf of its clients.

Second, experienced brokers provide a full range of client services: basic services, such as opening and maintaining a brokerage account and access to various exchanges, as well as extra services, which include trust or consulting management.

Fee Types

A brokerage fee is usually a certain percentage of transaction amount or total turnover of funds for a specified period with the indication of the minimum cost. A brokerage fee can also depend on extra services (e.g. market research), which are rendered based on different rates, as well as on a leverage fee, i.e. an opportunity to make transactions, which cost more than client’s equity.

The second type is a brokerage account commission. Usually, payment is made once a month, the amount is fixed and depends on the type of account used. A commission for the Multi Market Account with no activity (if the total amount of a brokerage fee for all transactions for a month is less than a brokerage account commission) is the difference between them.


Basic information about payment for services, additional services and fees is indicated in the rate description of the selected trading account.

Details about Just2Trade brokerage rates, third party commissions and payment terms for additional services are described in the documents presented on this page.